Welcome to the Cow Pasture

Online Writer:

Sean Jankowski

Age: 36

Location: Southern Oregon, Medford

Online Screen Name:

Cow Flipper

Interests and Subjects

I am interested in many topics such as...

  • Meta-physics
  • Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Astrophysics and quantum physics
  • Quantum entanglement and non-locality
  • Survival techniques and practices
  • Paranormal investigation
  • Mushroom hunting and mycology
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Meta Programs
  • Sociology and psychology
  • Mass Consciousness
  • Hypnosis and trance states
  • Human behavioral science
  • The study of life after death or the continued existence of consciousness after death.

These are a few of the subjects I am interested in.


 Interview Credits:

Literary Credits: 

Interviewed by Ghost Magazine February 2004 Published in Ghost Magazine Article about the Ghost / Paranormal Research Group (G.P.R.G.) inc. .

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The PEARGroup (Paranormal Experience and Research Group) Website


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About Me

I'm a proud father of three beautiful children two little girls and a son. I am also a very lucky man to be in love with and married to their beautiful mother. My family will always be the most important part of my life.

I am 36 years old and I reside in Southern Oregon in the town of Medford.

I write online articles based upon fringe subjects ranging from survival theory and relationship problems. I also work with different artistic mediums from wood crafts to graphic art.

I write mostly about the paranormal, survival articles, and other social topics.

Shakespears Hamlet,

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Big News! I have been chosen by Hubpages to take part in the Apprenticeship Program! I am so excited! 

Why is this a big deal? Well I was chosen out of thousands of other hubbers. I am one of thirty other writers they feel have real potential to be professionals in the subjects we write about. Wish me luck!

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Owner and Creator: Sean H. Jankowski, (AKA Cow Flipper)

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